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About us

GTechCon TM International Pte Ltd

is a Singapore based company that offers a full range of services as shown below :
  1. Manufacturing of proven America formulated chemical based products for road building use
  2. Road Design starting from traffic count up till the design of various road structural layer's specifications
  3. Construction and Maintenance of GTechCon TM Road System
  4. Road Quality Control & Assurance with advance In-Situ Testing equipments and Laboratory Testing facilities

GTechCon TM Custom-made Chemical Blend

  • Strengthen in-situ soil to allow it to sustain up to 120 tons loading
  • Creates water resistant base layer which allows road to be used during any season.
  • Uses in-situ soil, which reduces construction time and cost up to 40%
  • Reduces road maintenance costs by up to 50% as roads' base layer are more stable.

We customize each batch to meet exactly the soil conditions for each and every customer project.  We have experience working on projects across South East Asia and Africa.  We also provide warranty against material defects.  Quite simply with GTechCon TM , you're on better ground.

GTechCon TM - A rapid evolving Singapore based company that provides engineering solutions

Area of specialization includes:

  • Road Pavement Engineering (GTechCon TM Road System)
  • Materials Engineering (GTechCon TM Roof Tiles & GTechCon TM Bricks)
  • Geotechnical Engineering (GTechCon TM Foundation)

Offer a full range of services from design, planning, manufacturing, construction and maintenance

We also have the state of art technology with advance laboratory testing facilities

Active in Research and Development (R&D) of technologically advanced construction materials and systematic green solutions