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Soil Treatment Techniques

GTechCon TM Base Combines all 4 SOIL TREATMENT TECHNIQUES (4in1)

  • Physical Treatment – Achieve a minimum of 98% Maximum Dry Density (MDD) using the Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) obtained from the Modified Proctor Compaction Test in laboratory.
  • Mechanical Treatment – Improving the gradation limits of the soil by importing coarse grained soils into fine grain soils or vice versa. Particle Size Distribution Test to determine the particle sizes of soils to be treated must be determined in laboratory prior to actual site treatment.
  • Chemical Treatment – custom-made chemical blend to achieve optimum strength for each different type of soil
  • Biological Treatment – bacteria cultivation to seal fine cracks (self-healing)

Illustration on Mechanical Treatment - Importing finer grain soils into coarse grain soils


Graph of Dry Density versus Moisture Content


Illustration on Biological Treatment - Microscopic view on the surface of the treated soil layer on Day 1 and Day 7