GTechCon Road System Ground Breaking in Hola, Tana River County, Kenya

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Tana river county Governor, Hussein Dado, refuted reports by the controller of budget, that his county only utilized 32 million shillings for development terming the allegations as baseless.

The inhabitants of the county of Tana River will benefit greatly after the launch of a new technology known as GTechCon Road Systems. This will be the first time that the technique is used in the country after the success in countries in Asia.

Tana River has commissioned the tarmacking of a 15km road to connect its headquarters to Hola town and Mombasa Highway in a bid to open up the resource-rich region for investment. The road is expected to be completed in one year at a cost of Sh393 million. It will be built using technology that is being piloted in the country for the first time.

“We have decided to use GTechCon Road System because of its reliability and cost effectiveness. It is also faster to construct compared to bitumen but has the same load bearing capacity,” said Tana River governor Hussein Dado on Friday.

The technology, which is widely used in Asia, will see project costs drop by 71 per cent from Sh90 million to Sh26 million per kilometre, officials who are privy to details about the construction said.

Mr Dado also described as erroneous media reports attributed to the Controller of Budget that the county had allocated only Sh32 million on development.

“In the last financial year we set aside Sh1.5 billion for development expenditure. All this money has been committed to various projects and no money has gone back to the Treasury,” he said.

He blamed delays in absorption of the fund on delays in releasing of money by Treasury which he said affected the county implementation schedule.

GtechCon company is headquartered in Singapore and is expected to set up a plant in Tana River where it will process chemicals to be mixed with soil to build the road.

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