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Product Overview

GTC Chemical Blend

GTC Chemical Blend
The existing soil will be treated to achieve 5MPa Unconfined Compressive Strength Test (UCS) or 80% California Bearing Ratio (CBR) for a layer thickness of 300mm or 500mm using our GTC Chemical Blend in powder form at trial dosages of 4% till 10% depending on soil types. The chemical mix will be custom made to meet technical requirements for appropriate soil types that will be encountered on site.

GTechCon custom made chemical blend is mainly consists of biomass materials which is obtain from renewable resources. These bio materials have the advantage of being recyclable materials. GTC Chemical Blend is a series of product, tailored made to treat soil types such as gravels, sands, silts, and clays. Different dosages and formula of GTC Chemical Blend will be prescribe for different soil conditions with laboratory testing conducted by our Consultation Service Department. The virgin soil classification test results will be used to prescribe the suitable formula and dosages of GTC Chemical Blend for optimum performance!

GTC Sealant

GTC Sealant
Polymer modified bituminous liquid product is chocolate in color. This product is specially design for road waterproofing system and the product specifications are as shown below. GTC Sealant has high ductility and high softening point.

GTC Solution

GTC Solution
GTechCon Solution will further enhance the strength and load bearing capacity of GTechCon Base Layer and also to prevent surface cracking at the same time. A special type of bacteria is cultivated in this solution to seal fine cracks and these microorganisms are able to produce self-healing properties for our GTechCon Road System.